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This exhibit was designed for Canada Blooms as an example of a public space where both humans and dogs can enjoy a park together. The display is a stage set for show dogs. Organized on the principle of a dog’s dynamic movement, a path ramps around a central stage where the “stars” perform.

In addition, the ramp provides universal access for humans. A stainless steel screen encloses the stage with laser cut paw prints that represent the IAMS logo. The raised planter protects the plants and accommodates universal gardening. Dog dishes become a garden water feature, while providing a drinking fountain for thirsty pets. A planting bed that contains crushed, black charcoal filters dog urine and provides contrast to the white birches and yellowtwig dogwood. The concrete ramp is detailed with paw prints left in the wet cement by the IAMS spokesdog, “Rumour”.

Award – Best of Show in Craftsmanship – Canada Blooms