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Northumberl and Farm


Drumlins are elliptical or ovoid hills composed of rock and glacial till occurring parallel to each other in clusters called drumlin fields. This results in a terrain of constant rolling hills. These formations, common in Southern Ontario, are products of glacial activities during the last ice age.

This farmhouse property is situated at the crest of one such rocky mound with the drumlin field extending to the horizon in every direction.  Our goal was to update the site in ways that capitalize on the inherent beauty of the panoramic vista and create areas where the client could navigate the terrain with more ease.

The first intervention is a terrace “cantilevered” over the hillside which extends the interior of the existing house into the landscape while creating a comfortable space to entertain among uninterrupted views.

The terrace walls are built from glacial boulders and reflect the historic stone masonry of the original farmhouse.

The second intervention was to resolve the angular forms of the existing swimming pool with the morphology of the contextual landscape. This was accomplished through re-grading as well as the construction of an elliptical deck. Its form rests harmoniously within the larger field of drumlins.

The remainder of the site was seeded with native wildflower meadow plants such as Asters, Chives, Yarrow, etc. that fit into the surrounding agricultural landscape, and maintain the panoramic views.